Brandon Hall Group's

Human Capital Management Academy

Open Enrollment

and Private Workshops

Our open-enrollment, public offerings provide an opportunity to join 15 or more like-minded leaders from a variety of industries for an in-depth exploration into the art and science of human capital management. These workshops are held in major metropolitan areas several times each year.

In our members-only private offerings, a company’s senior business and HCM leaders come together to explore enterprise-wide challenges in the context of their unique culture, business lifecycle, and business goals. Private offerings are offered in both virtual and live, on-site formats.

Regardless of the type of workshop – open enrollment offered several times a year, or private offerings – each HCMA experience provokes healthy debate, creative disruption, and stimulating examination of the heartbeat of extraordinary and sustained performance.

Our workshops are made available to:


  • Public
  • Members



Workshops are offered in a variety of formats to fit organizations’ needs and budgets:


All public offerings are 1-day workshops. Two-day workshops will be offered in the coming months.


All formats for private offerings – either virtual or on-site -- can be customized for the organization. All workshops present research-based leading practices, frameworks, and models, and benchmark data. All workshops longer than 3.5 hours also include diagnosis of current-state health, and planning for higher-impact strategies through online assessment tools, small group work, large-group sharing, and panel discussions. Workshop participants will leave with action plans to execute meaningful change.


1 Day


If you would like to host a workshop or want more information, please contact us at