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Leadership Development is the cornerstone of business continuity in an organization. Companies need leaders at all levels of the organization to share the organization’s vision, support and nurture a productive culture, and manage staff to perform at a high level to achieve business goals to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Brandon Hall Group research – the latest of which was released in May 2015 – shows that most organizations still struggle to instill the skills and capabilities in their leaders to meet current and future business needs. Brandon Hall Group has developed this workshop – and a host of other research-based products – to empower organizations to excel in Leadership Development.

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Leadership Development Strategist Workshop

Designed for executives and other business leaders as well as for HR and talent professionals, this full-day interactive experience offers leading practice insights and knowledge for those who will lead the way in deepening their talent pools and investing in leadership development (LD) and succession management (SM) as levers for long-term growth.


Session members will leave with a good understanding of “where we are, where we want to be, and a plan for getting on track” by gaining a keen understanding of:

• The leading practices of high-performance leadership development (LD) and succession management (SM)

• A framework tool for diagnosing current state health of LD and SM

• An impact model for assessing the current level of LD and SM impact on the business

• An action plan to accelerate the impact of LD and SM on business results

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On-site 1 Day


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