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HCMx Radio 71: Compliance in the Digital Age

HCMx电台 71: Compliance in the Digital Age

  • 十一月 8, 2017

Guests: Tom Bronikowski, 副总裁, Conduent Learning Services, Mark Felts, Senior Director Knowledge Solutions Healthcare Provider, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences at Conduent Learning Services Hosts: 雷切尔·库克, 首席运营官, 布兰登·霍尔集团, 大卫·温特沃斯, 首席分析师学习, Brandon Hall Group In

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HCMx Radio 69: The Power of Storytelling

HCMx电台 69: The Power of Storytelling

  • 十月 11, 2017

Guest: Janine Kurnoff, 联合创始人 & Chief Innovation Officer, The Presentation Company LLC Host: 雷切尔·库克, 首席运营官, Brandon Hall Group In this edition of HCMx Radio, Janine Kurnoff joins us to discuss how storytelling can transform ordinary business presentations into

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