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HCMx Radio 89: Hiring Practices and Internal Mobility

HCMx Radyo 89: Hiring Practices and Internal Mobility

  • Mayıs 17, 2018

Guest: Daria Friedman, Brandon Hall Group‘s principal analyst overseeing the talent acquisition practice. Previously, Daria Bernard Hodes Grubu araştırma pratiği açtı, Bir işe çözümleri ajansı, ve Findly, Bir yetenek kazanım yazılım servis sağlayıcı.   Host: Rachel Cooke, COO,…

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HCMx Radio 88: Equity, Equality and Empowerment

HCMx Radyo 88: Equity, Equality and Empowerment

  • Mayıs 15, 2018

Guest: Jasmine Martirossian, vice president of marketing for The Training Associates, where she is responsiblefor all areas and aspects of marketing from strategy to implementation. Jasmine has led digital transformation for many multinational corporations, such as PTC (Senior Director of Global

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