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Welcome to the 2013 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards

Now entering its 19th year, the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards Program is the most prestigious awards program in the industry.  Often times called the “Academy Awards” by Learning, Talent and Business Executives, the program was one of the first of its kind in the learning industry, which was pioneered in 1995.

In the last several years we have expanded to include additional categories that cover functional areas that are responsible for driving performance within an organization.  We recognize the best companies that have successfully developed and deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have helped companies achieve measurable results.

We are honored to receive applications from organizations around the world ranging from small, medium, large, and global enterprises, government, not-for-profit, and associations.

There are seventy-eight categories across four program areas. To view topics within each, select the program area listed below for the full list of categories, a description of each category, and a link to the application for each.

Excellence in Learning 

Excellence in Talent Management 

Excellence in Sales and Marketing

Excellence in Technology

The Excellence in Learning, Talent Management, and Sales and Marketing Awards Program is now open to receiving applications.  Applications, supporting documentation and payment must be made by April 19, 2013. 

If you have questions, please contact us at

Need More Information?

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Download a copy of the brochure detailing each of the categories.

Once your application is complete, visit our store to submit your payment.

We look forward to your participation!


2012 Winners: Learning | Talent Management | Sales and Marketing | Technology