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70% of companies have a C-suite with 25% or fewer women

The number one reason holding women back from C-suite roles is a lack of succession management for the leadership pipeline

Only one-third of companies have women currently being groomed for executive roles

A Way Forward: The Initiative

A Way Forward: Women in Leadership offers current female corporate leaders a diverse community to enhance skills and share ideas to build more inclusive environments in which they can improve personal and organizational performance. Our research validated the need to offer targeted development opportunities for women to improve capabilities, communication,

understanding and sensitivity between genders and cultures. To grow and achieve their potential personally and professionally, women need support for addressing the unique internal and external obstacles they face.

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Women In Leadership Summit 2019: May 1-2, 2019

a 1-1/2 day summit dedicated to advancing women in leadership

We aim to diagnose the current state of women in leadership at your organization, share leading practices for driving greater opportunities and creating a higher-impact future state for women leaders. You will also create and develop new relationships and strengthen your ability to coach and mentor, and serve as a role model and leader inside and outside your organization. To see view the program and learn more about registration, click here.

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